Quality Myths – 3: All employees are fully involved in the processes assigned to them.

Statement of Myth
..that people are always involved or engaged in the works and processes they are assigned to do.

What does the principle of Quality Management System say?
Third of the eight principles of Quality Management Systems is ‘Involving the People.’

Formula For Defeat
According to Sun Tzu, the author of the ancient treatise ‘Art of War’ (possibly 5th century BC), one of the six mistakes that lead to failure is war is failure to use the people.

“These are the six ways of courting defeat – neglect to estimate the enemy’s strength; want of authority; defective training; unjustifiable anger; nonobservance of discipline; failure to use picked men . . . ” Sun Tzu, The Art of War, Ch. X.

Lots of times, the it is a fact that workers are not fully engaged with the work they do. It could be simply eyes and mind not being on the task, or a sense of disconnect with the management objectives. It will be surprising to note that in many work environments there are exceptionally talented people whose services are under-utilized, which is a formula for defeat.
A real company puts out the logo ‘involve the people, improve the product, and impress the people’. That is a very good statement of how quality works by involving the people. I am not very sure if they live by what say, though. Good for them, if they do.


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